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We have been in business for the last 85 years, proudly serving the community. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning. We look forward to your patronage.
Our History

In 1930 Frank Wesler purchased the orchard from Mr. Martin, whom he'd worked for upon graduation from Purdue University.
Frank, having 3 children, was eager to build a family business. People always said to him "Frank you'll be able to grow the apples, but you'll never be able to sell them all". Frank, and the rest of the family, proved them wrong. We are still selling 81 years later.
HomeABOUT USPRODUCTSCONTACT USWhat's happening now? 

During the mid 60's Frank's sons Duane, Meredith, and Beryl joined the business. Later Duane went into the dairy business, while Meredith and Beryl pursued the family orchard business with Frank.
In the mid 70's Frank had semi-retired from the business leaving Meredith and Beryl to manage the orchard and market: 60 acres in apples, 64,000 chickens, and acres of peaches and other misc. fruits.
The early 80's brought David (Beryl's oldest son) and Ron (Meredith's youngest son) into the family business. The four partners worked to expand the business in both the wholesale and retail markets. Several truck loads of apples and peaches were shipped on a weekly and/or daily basis.
Today Ron Wesler and his family are the current owners of the business. Though downsizing in overall production, we still strive to maintain top quality products. This has been our trademark since Frank Wesler began the business more than 81 years ago. We have added a kitchen for the production of homemade pies, apple dumplings, and cookies. In 2002 the 1800's era peg barn was remodeled into a country store filled with local crafts and Amish outdoor furniture.
Ron and his family work so all changes will benefit the customer's experience; always striving for superior quality and customer service.
Our Commitment